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English Family Weekend 
In Moscow Region

Welcome to the "Valley of Gnomes" with Bilinguаl Camps!

November is the darkest time of the year. When the days get so short, the trees have dropped their leaves, and the white snow is still not there to illuminate the landscapes.

And in this dark time it is especially pleasant to share light and warmth with each other, to create beauty, and also to admire the minerals mined by gnomes in mountain dungeons! Lanterns, luminous glass paintings, crystals, and precious metals - all this makes November a magical time!

We invite you to go in search of mountain treasures with the gnomes in the November weekend session of our English family weekend "The Gnome Valley"

Bilinguаl Саmps present:  

English Family Weekend  'THE GNOME VALLEY'

 NEW PLACE!!! Cozy "4 sezona" hotel in Moscow Region! 

Weekend: November 15-17 

What is it like?

- Quality family time in English
- All types of fun activities for the whole family:                 1. for pre-schoolers and schoolers up to 10 years old        
  2. for small children 0+          
  3. for parents  
- Fresh air and countryside landscapes
Would you like to spend your weekend in the company of English-speaking families?

- To be involved in interesting activities throughout the day: creativity, active games on the street, cooking classes, quests, board games, reading aloud, songs, cozy evening gatherings?
- Make new English-speaking friends?
- Have access to a library of children's English books?
- Take a riding lesson?
- Visit a mini-zoo?
- Take a break from the city in a green and picturesque, quiet and comfortable hotel in the countryside?

And all this at a price of a standard room rate?

You will love our November weekend in case if
- your children speak or at least understand English speech; 
- you are ready to speak only English with the participants in the camp;
- you like to play with children and ready to lead 2-3 activities per weekend for children and /or adults (with our support). However, the option without leading activities, and just enjoying your weekend is also availavble!

Our Aim

  To provide an opportunity for English-speaking families to have quality time together with their children through play and art, communication and joy.

The Main Activity is Family Play

 What can a child endlessly do without getting tired? Of course, PLAY! And this is what the days in the camp be filled with! We will play clay, board and outdoor games, go tubing, swim in the pool,  participate in races, quests, and role-play, watch and make our own puppet shows and theatre shows, draw, read books aloud, listen to stories, sing songs around a candle fire...

What will toddlers do?

With little ones, we will sing songs, play outdoor and sensory games. At this age, children are keenly aware of the rhythm and melody of the language and we will help them to get to know English with the help of poems and songs. One of the main ways of exploring the world for small children is sensorimotor perception, so motor and sensory games will help us here too.How about teenagers?They are big enough and are not eager to mix up with little ones much. So they will have a program of their own with interesting projects, quests, jokes, discussions, and sports activities!

Anything for Adults?     

Besides family activities like singing around candle fire or outside games, there is a separate program for parents (2 activities every day): 

 - Teambuilding activities; 

- Creative workshops, cooking classes, and even massage classes! 

- Theatre performances; 

- Networking and experience exchange.  

Night meetings: In the evening, when the children are already asleep, parents will get together to play games and just chat and have the best time of the day ))

All the activities are not obligatory. We create opportunities - you choose what you like!

What You Will Not Find in Camp!

     Boring explanation of grammar for children or adults in the format of school lessons, textbooks, marks, and rigor. 

 Thus, you can take rest and spend quality time with your children among new English-speaking friends. All in a clean and quiet place away from the pollution and noise of the big city!

Daily Schedule

Our Team

Asya Romanova

Creative Engine of Our Camp! 

In the hands of Asya lives an unknown power that can turn anything into anything! Just like in a fairy tale! Puppet shows, clay games, role-playing games, arts & crafts - this is not all that Asya has prepared for children in the camp! A child psychologist, art therapist, certified instructor of child and family yoga, teacher of bilingual kindergarten. In Moscow, Asya runs classes for preschoolers: art experiment, clay play, game groups and sensory-creative educational classes for kids, as well as creative workshops for children and parents, and role-play.
Elvira Bulanova
 Mastermind of 'Bilingual Camps'
Linguist, teacher of English and role-play, organizer of family English brunches, mother of two Russian and English-speaking children, co-organizer of 'Kolosok' family club.


Our camp will be located in “4 seasons” Country Club Hotel
Only 60 km from Moscow and we get to Provence. "4 seasons" Country Club Hotel offers comfort and special atmosphere of the French province. Cottages and guest houses among the tall trees, picturesque ponds and cozy pavilions, sports- and playgrounds. Comfortable rooms, delicious meals, horse riding lessons, a mini zoo. The hotel is conveniently accessible by public transport and by car (there is parking).

Website of the hotel: https://club4s.ru

Price of Program. Per Family 

November 15-17, 2019 

 (accommodation and meals are paid separately)


For parents ready to lead 2-3 activities (total)


For parents not leading activities


More Details: 8 916 384 8191

 Accommodation and meals (three buffet-style meals per day):

Standard room (5 rooms total): accommodates up to 2 persons + cradle 
Adult: 3500 rub per night (8750 rub per stay)
Child 3-5 years old: 1100 rub per night (2750 per stay)
Child 6-12 years: 1800 rub per night (2750 rub per stay)
+ cradle - 600 rub per night
Children under 3 years old stay free of charge with no extra bed provided

Deluxe Room (11 rooms total), accommodates up to 4 persons 
(a double bed/ twin beds + 1 or 2 extra cots)
Adult: 4200 rub per night (10500 rub per stay)
Child 3-5 years old: 1200 rub per night (3000 per stay)
Child 6-12 years: 2200 rub per night (5500 rub per stay)
+ cradle - 600 rub per night
Children under 3 years old stay free of charge with no extra bed provided

 Hotel Website


Bilingual Camps

 +7 (916) 384-81-91, Elvira Bulanova

How To Reach


Васильевское, Серпуховской район, Московская обл., Россия, 142271

Телефон: +7 499 288 15 98

Собственным транспортом:

Навигатор: https://yandex.ru/maps/-/CGSlFH1K

По Симферопольскому шоссе (М2), примерно 60 км., до поворота на Малоярославец, Балабаново (направо) далее по прямой до «Т» образного перекрестка, поворот на Серпухов (налево), далее до д. Васильевское, на первом светофоре повернуть направо, и далее по указателям, примерно 2,5 км.

Проезд общественным транспортом:

На автобусеИз Москвы от станции метро Южнаяавтобусом «Москва-Серпухов» №458до деревни Васильевское. Далее пешком 20 минут,следуя указателям. Из Серпухова (ж/д вокзал)на автобусе №62 до конечной остановки (ДО «Шахтер»).На электричке из МосквыЭлектричкой Москва-Серпухов или Москва—Тулас Курского вокзала. Далее, от ж/д вокзала Серпуховна автобусе №62 до конечной остановки (ДО «Шахтёр»).

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